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Milo (Hader) writes a suicide note and cuts his wrists.

Dating violence webquest

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Domestic violence (also known as domestic abuse or spousal abuse) occurs when a family member, partner or ex-partner attempts to physically or psychologically dominate another.

Domestic violence often refers to violence between spouses, or spousal abuse but can also include cohabitants and non-married intimate partners.

To conclude, students work in groups to find similar moments in the play (e.g., the balcony scene, the tomb scene, etc.) where Shakespeare spotlights the action through lyric form and at the same time invites us to see through the idealization of lyric conventions by having the characters act out these conceits on stage. "LYKAROZ" (like a rose) "JLTZSUN" (Juliet is the sun) Popular characters include Romeo, Juliet, The Nurse, Mercutio, and Tybalt (KNGOCTS - KIng of cats). Visited 12 December 2005.] A ninth grade interdisciplinary unit on Elizabethan England and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet for English, art, and computer classes. [Visited 14 December 2005] This lesson invites students to use their understanding of modern experiences with these technologies to make active meaning of an older text, such as Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, by asking students to create their own modern interpretation of specific events from the drama. One side is for them to fill out; the other side is for their parents to fill out.

[Visited 13 December 2005.] After we finish the play, I have the students think up some creative "personalized license plates" for various characters. The lesson provides a range of possible projects that students can complete, including writing headline news stories, rewriting dialogue or monologues to include one form of interactive technology, and creating digital artifacts for modern-day versions of the characters from the play. [Visited 12 December 2005.] This unit can be taught in the middle school, grades 6-8.

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Students look first at the sonnet in which Romeo and Juliet meet, analyzing the imagery to gain insight into the way Shakespeare's use of love sonnet conventions characterizes the moment and the relationship between the lovers.

The struggle for women to gain acceptance, recognition and equal rights in society has been a long process.

In recognition of the contributions of American women, ALIC presents a listing of web sites relevant to women in the United States.

Then students act the passage to notice how Shakespeare stage manages this moment, and consider what perspective his making the lovers almost literally "kiss by the book" lends to our perception of their characters. Goals : Conduct Internet research; Create artistic illustrations of historical research; Comprehend reading material; Understand & appreciate Shakespearean drama; Perform Shakespearean drama; Comprehend, analyze, and explain literary devices; Compose an expository essay and develop three subtopics; Cooperative learning and peer evaluation; Compose a multimedia project; Post efforts on a class designed web page.

Finally, students enact the scene in which this moment occurs, in order to notice how Shakespeare combines poetic forms, ranging from the almost-prose of Capulet and the Nurse to the melodramatic style of Tybalt, to achieve something akin to the cuts and framing that are possible in film. Give students global recognition and build self esteem.