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Here the world is moving forward – there, the world is taking a turn backwards.

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Below is just a copy and paste of a speech I did last week…and when I say “speech” I really mean this is just a copy paste of a standard blog post minus the ‘speaking prompts’ that I originally had in there.

You know things like When I was asked if I would speak at an event called “Meet Tall Poppies” I assumed that they really just wanted me there as the hired clown.

Surely there’s someone else with a better message than me”.

You see, as far as I’m concerned, if I were to run through my Linked In self against how I really see it, you have: But this got me thinking? It’s almost as if my thought process is still consumed by 15 year old Arani, telling me “You’ve done nothing you said you’d do before you were 21. You’re certainly not a multi-millionaire being courted by that hot, dark-haired, New Zealand guy from Neighbours.

Just because something was written for 1.10 doesn't mean it won't work for 1.10.

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Well, technically she was not his girlfriend because "she thought we were dating."This is the norm for pretty much any male celeb," says Max."I'm just the first guy who ever wrote stuff down in a really funny, really honest, really compelling way.You know crack some quality gags, maybe ask some interesting questions if I wasn’t too distracted by angling for more wine, and then feel entitled to eat my weight in free finger food because I “helped”.When the person organising the event said “no it’s just you speaking”, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why firstly anyone would attend an event with some random speaking; secondly why would someone attend something where I talk at you for half an hour…I mean if you’re out with me on a Friday night, you’ve probably already copped that; and thirdly the idea of being a “tall poppy” threw me.All of this has been added, the update still needs to be approved by Bukkit, but if you don't feel like waiting, you can get it here: The command is: /clicker cooldown [minutes] Hi. The update hasn't been approved by Bukkit yet, but if you don't feel like waiting, you can get it here: Both apples actually have the same id too, just different durabilities.