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He is best known for co-creating the comedy-drama television series Glee and the horror-drama anthology series American Horror Story.

He was also a writer and executive producer for the television series Nip/Tuck.

And wounded by his love.” That love is embodied by Christina Hendricks, who stars as Trudy, the ex-wife who wanders back into his life armed with a get-rich-quick scheme he can’t resist. They’re presented with this thing – it’s not millions, it’s thousands. And other people keep coming in, so that money becomes less and less.

He can’t resist her either, much to the frustration of his best friend, Leonard (Michael Kenneth Williams, “The Wire”). I’d just finished “The Following,” and was about to leave New York. I’d worked with him on a show called “The Philanthropist” many years ago. But it’s still always just enough to still keep them.

That was my entrance to the stage, so anything after that was easy.

Also, for some reason, nudity was never shameful, it was never brought up in my household when I was a kid, there was no 'dirty, dirty sex'.

For three seasons on Fox’s “The Following,” James Purefoy played the maniacal serial killer Joe Carroll. “It’s nice playing someone who’s got a heart, who’s a real man, not a coward. People trying to find a way to get themselves out of a rut. I think people, men especially, are going to really empathize with that thing of you cannot help but love somebody like her.

She quickly finds it was never just about the diamonds.Then there's the case of "Timeless," the appealing time-travel adventure that NBC first canceled, and then decided to renew.News was less happy for "Pitch," as Fox canceled the freshman baseball drama.Their exploits in search of the elusive cash drive the six-episode event series, based on Joe Lansdale’s darkly comic novels. We got very close on that show and became really good buddies and always felt that in front of the camera, we owed each other something. I went home and I was about to get on a plane, and he rang and said I completely forgot I’m doing this show, “Hap and Leonard.” I’m Leonard and they’re looking for Hap. I read it on the plane and by the time I got home I’d fallen in love. I knew the man because I’d grown up in a very rural community in a part of the English countryside that’s not the bucolic, it’s not the stereotype. My pub was full of get-rich-quick schemes that never worked — scams, pyramid schemes. In 2014, Gwyneth Paltrow started dating Brad Falchuk.