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While some other religions have less attention to the borders of family, and so most non-Muslim men can shake hands or kiss other women (the same for women), Islam has stronger laws to save borders of family.Hijab (for women), limiting foresight (for men) and forbidding shaking hand or touching foreigner people of opposite sex (for both men and women) are among these laws. Nothing but mental associations and neurons making connections in your mind.

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For though he was master of the world, he was not quite sure what to do next.

See the following Hadeeth from here for example that says Aqd does not occur unless the girl would allow: (2) if it was, then let me bring you an example of a way Satan usually influences the human being.

Suppose you have a repository full of old stuff you never use, you decide to get rid of a number of them you cannot imagine that you may ever need them.

But police and media weren’t there back then, but the shameless act of their gods is well preserved in their own scriptures.

If a religion can be blamed for terrorism only because of its few followers then why Hinduism shouldn’t be blamed for the rapists Swamis who are caught once every month.