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One undeniable fact is that humans do not engage in sex only to have children.In the other room Research shows that when people talk about sex, they are talking about a lot more than making babies. Ato khara ar uchu hoye thake je kamiz e ashongkho spoke er moto tan pora rekha toiri hoy o nora chora korlei. Soru komorer 2 dike buk ar pachha anekta bali-ghorir moto shape diyechhe or figure e. Or kachhei sunechhilam je teenage ta meyeder jonno vison marattok. Je kono chhele kei kachhe pete ar take diye ador koriye nite ichha kore dhire dhire ami mou er shorirer proti tibro akorshon onuvob korte suru korlam. mouumita ke bollam chol mou akta cinema dekhe ashi. Kintu tai bole meyeder sathe kotha bolar jorota chhilo amar seta vabar karon nei. Ar obodharito samne bosa je kono chheler e haat nis-pis kore tepar jonno. Or sathe golpo korte kortei majhe majhe khub uttejito hoye portam. Answers to this question are as varied as the sexual positions imaginable.

“If you disagree, then by all means that’s your point of view, but in no way, shape, or form does that affect how somebody envisions themselves, because that’s what’s naturally ingrained in somebody’s mind, body, and heart, and there’s no way to take that away from someone.”Farrah has plans to be the best plastic surgeon in the nation – for real – and she is not shy about the fact that she is “super supportive” of her six-year-old daughter’s future desires for plastic surgery.“If she validly wants something that’s not outlandish, and she envisions herself that way, well then, I’m going to support that,” Farrah said about Sophia. School er teacher ra bollo amar kolkatar boro college e vorti haoa uchit. Ogotta amar guno-mugdha der chhere kolkatar college e vorti hote holo. College er prothom dinei besh koyekta bondhu peye gelam. Oder dristy gulo bondhutto theke mugdhotay pouchhote beshi shomoy nilo na. Jara pritha o amar golpo ta porechhen tara janen ami ektu paka e chhilam borong. The raunchy lyrics of their 1990 hit —”Let’s Talk About Sex” put the issue of sex in the spotlight like never before.“Let’s talk about sex, baby, let’s talk about you and me; Let’s tell it how it is, and how it could be; How it was, and of course, how it should be; Those who think it’s dirty have a choice; let’s talk about sex….” Why do we have sex? Thuri kingsuk majumder er dike mugdho dristy gulo kamona-vora hoye gelo.