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If Medal of Honour's enemy count is even vaguely accurate, the coalition forces in Afghanistan are outgunned seven hundred to one.You are probably having trouble playing Medal of Honor 2010 with your gamepad or joystick.

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Medal of Honour citation: Sergeant First Class x SN1PERRx, pretend videogame army, distinguished himself with actions not quite above the Call of Duty while serving in Afghanistan as a super-secret megasoldier operating in a hush-hush 'Tier One' unit, sometimes switching brains to become a frontline grunt who learned about the futility of war and stuff like that.

Sergeant x SN1PERRx spent eight hours trudging around a geographically accurate but worryingly beige combat zone in southern Afghanistan. Medal of Honour is very strict about that kind of thing.

While on duty dressed in the skin of both Tier One operators and Army Ranger, he was ambushed repeatedly by infinite streams of Taliban fighters. It's a shooter made with the close involvement of real-life soldiers: special forces so classified that before the game was released, publishers EA could only show them off with their faces hidden and their voices masked.

Please redownload attachment and follow complete procedure again, replacing all previous files!

Update 15-10-10: - Uploaded two profiles (for the single and multiplayer) of the retail version.