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For example if you're sitting on a resto druid that uses displacer beast, you'll be able to instantly charge the moment they blink away even if you're channeling your bladestorm.last updated: Feb 14, 17 This macro is great for situations where you may be channeling a bladestorm but need to charge your focus target to stop crowd control or peel or even just to swap target.Combine this with Shield Wall and you got yourself a 65% damage reduction defensive cooldown, or with Spell Reflection and you got yourself a spell reflected and 25% damage reduction.I also made a macro to switch back to your 2H and go back into Battle Stance, but only use this after your Shield Wall has expired or your Spell Reflection has expired/been consumed.Arms Warriors are one of the most feared classes in the game.What Warriors lack in crowd control, they make up for with damage.If you know the code and can post it, I would really apprecite it!So ive been gathering a shitload of macros for different classes, ill be updating as i get more of them.

In Patch 5.3, Defensive Stance got buffed for non-protection warriors, and it now provides a 25% damage reduction.

The guide will cover everything from talent choices, artifacts, gameplay and rotation, and useful racial bonuses.

It is most applicable to Arena content, but most talents and racial bonuses will work in Rated Battlegrounds and skirmishes.

I need a couple macros to make group communication of my actions better.

I'd like one that announces my pulls to the group, and one that announces before I charge. I know a lot of you use these for heals and a variety of other things.